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  • nvest80 nvest80 Feb 6, 2010 12:01 PM Flag

    Google's customer data could pose national security risk ...

    You make some valid point but all that is out the window when you call France, Germany, etc. sovereign. Maybe you didn't pick up today's newpaper yet but Germany and France are part of the EU which hardly makes them sovereign. Even Switzerland is not sovereign as they flip over at the request and pressure of the US for financial data of customers.

    Russia and China are probably the most sovereign Nations left...

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    • You are right. France and German are probably only independent because of their non-English local languages.

      As what is demonstrated in US, the "free election" would only magnify the power of Global Billionaire clubs so that they can let the candidates chosen by them get elected all over the world. That is the reality of the world.

      In that sense, yes, only China and Russia are probably the most sovereign Nations left.

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      • sovereign dictatorship, I will give you that. China better than Iran, I will give you that, but China is also apologist for Iran.
        China and every other country can not compete in movie /entertainment market with Hollywood; recent WTO ruling says China can not control all film distribution and lift 25 movie yr limit. As Chinese love movies, they will slowly become more appreciative of benefits of open culture.Chinese gov can not stop this as they agreed to such by wanting and getting full WTO membership. Old saying, don't wish for something you may eventually regret.

      • Dude what crack are you smoking? Putin is STILL in power and China is a complete dictatorship. You are so CCP spy its amazing...

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