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  • smitheduardo23 smitheduardo23 Apr 21, 2010 10:40 AM Flag

    USA & China AGAINST ON2 shareholders

    Remember, the ( ON2's ) tight lipped management replaced the resident accountant with a forensic accounting expert. Why ? to cover their deceptive tracks ?
    No wonder that so much of ON2's products have been re-named or are not recorded anywhere anymore.THat includes revenues hidden to camouflage the real rising value and tremendous potential of ON2
    Remember that the masterplan was to decimate the pps to a point where all this crap could fly low under the radar and therefore the SEC could dismiss it as just another failed penny stock. Sofar their crime has been under the radar, they succeeded.
    The keyword here is "SOFAR "
    Had we lost honestly in the investment business we would go on to other things. However, how this was done, on thee sly for over a year, giving misinformation to shareholders during C.Calls, mislead the whole shareholder base. Then a day before the first ever profitable quarter forced us to accept the sale to Google by sewing up the pps, no competitive offers allowed etc. We had a chance to vote, yes, but the results were withheld and manipulated ( Dec.23 )
    and the criteria for the next vote became ignorantly fiction. That's how we all lost out on the billions that ON2 will bring to Google's through Oxide Inc.

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