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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Apr 4, 2011 4:47 PM Flag

    dumped ahole-phone for nokia e7

    With all the hype on the ahole-phones and the os
    apps etc just got to ask what dumbass lost the arrow keys out of linux? Had two goog phones and
    a ahole-phone from t-mobile all sucked (ring tones you couldn't hear, no real keyboard, apps that don't work on the next version of ahole-phone os, have to retype as no arrow keys, apps force close all the time and of course crappy assian made handsets with speakers you can hardly hear, though the korean handsets are better must be not using slave labor.

    No quite happy with the e7 with it's nice lighted
    keyboard, full suite of installed biz apps, clear
    speakers, UI is better then ahole-phone just having arrow keys is worth the little cost.

    Once public sees that there are alternatives to
    ahole/idot's phone, game will get more competitive.

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    • That is a righteous-looking piece of hardware!

      I would like a few additions, and I would be hooked:

      --the 2 edges of the keyboard should be slightly recurved and ceramic, or equivalent, so two obloid knobs on the bottom of the screen would run inside a track.
      --NFC ("magnetic") data link between the 2 halves, instead of wires (and maybe a piggyback RF channel on top of the near-field signal, to jam the residual RF from the NFC)
      --competent speech-recognition
      --maybe a touch-display
      --i like android; i like open-source
      --a secure transactions protocol, preferably based on fingerprint recognition (i hate passwords) altho this might require a separate personal computing device (based on flash drive tech?) maintained in a secure colocation facility, which is hardwired to popular banking institutions (and maybe the local courthouse, for records-keeping)

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