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  • rocketinmybackyard rocketinmybackyard Apr 16, 2011 11:25 AM Flag

    "do no evil" in a evil world?

    what else do you expect other than getting hammered?

    raising salaries for all employees, hiring more people may be good for the economy, for the country but you will get punished by wall street. profit and only profit, laddies!

    my suggestion to you Larry, cut 10%-20% salaries for everyone, layoff half of your work force, move 90% remaining workers to India and China, then you will see your profit margin improves and stock price soars.

    do it Larry, forget about it is a right thing or wrong one, for shareholder's sake.

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    • To hell with any kind of morality.

      Just let them eat cake. your pocket book is the only thing that matters.

    • That's right! Google should have more system development and coding done in India and China. Chrome and Andriod. It's a good way to re-start China initiative and rekindle the relationships. All contents (sensitive in nature from Chinese government perspective) should be done outside of China. ...The monetization will come a couple of years down the road when China is more open. With the annoucement of such initiative and undertaking, the stock will jump $100+.

      See you @$1500.

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