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  • eurosasa00 eurosasa00 Dec 4, 2011 9:02 PM Flag

    I need GOOGLE at 595 by WED


    You had a nice run from 563 to 624 (closed at 620$) this past week. THat is nice move up over 10%. I got some 9DEC weekly puts (605 strike) and I need you (GOOG STOCK) to go back to 590-600 range just intra day one of these days before wednesday.

    That is only 3-4% healthy pullback and then you can continue to go higher to test your 52 week high of 640.

    THank you. I need to sell my puts and make profits.

    It would be disrespectful to keep going higher and higher and never pullback just for a sec.

    I think these market conditions are still unstable and taking profit is a must on every move up of 5-10%. Hopefully these big boys don't try to push these stock higher next week as well. What happened to take profit on each pop. Are these conditions changing or are we having a lot of bullishness going into xmas. Europe is still in trouble and we did have some good economic data state side. However, my puts may not make profits this week, (if market keeps going higher on bullishness) but early next year, I am expecting a pullback when we finally realize the true european problems.

    Its amazing how sometimes, market just listens to what it wants to hear and ignores other things. I guess, learn how to go with the flow and go with the momentum (don't fight it).

    Oh well
    I am holding 6 (9 DEC 605 puts AVE 470$ each) - hopefully I can profit with those, but if not, sadly I will take the loss and claim it on taxes.

    GOOD LUCK all.
    lets see how this week goes

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