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  • joetong419 joetong419 Mar 21, 2012 12:37 PM Flag

    Who owns both AAPL & GOOG...

    is this a smart move or should an investor buy one and short the other.

    The race to 700...which will get there first.

    If you're short or believe a market correction is around the corner, then who will be the first to get to 500.

    Notice majority of the tech stocks on the roll lately on momentum buy or sector rotation. Enjoy the party while it last and try to exit before the music stops.

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    • I think is smart to own both and not short:
      1. Growth on both is huge
      2. Each has a pretty low PEG (geez Apple is at 0.7)
      3. They both are VERY profitable - you are not betting "potential" a la betting on an FDA approval of a drug which has burned me bad more than once.
      4. They likely will be symbiotic with each other (at least for the time being).
      5. I think Google will ultimately beat Facebook which is probably a bigger rival than Apple - like everyone else I have a Facebook account and even though I check it regularly - the cleverness of it has worn off and the discovery of long lost friends has already happened. Google - that is an essential function multiple times daily.

      Just my 50 cents.

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      • I own both. For right now this is not a zero sum game for either. The market for thier products is so huge and in it's infancy.

      • B1213...thanks for your comments.

        I asked since several years ago, I bought GOOG at 600, rode it down and dollar-cost average buying on the way up at 340, 450, 500, and 637 on 1/19; after hours it reported earnings, went to 585. Now, back and over 637.

        Hard to envision what GOOG price will be in 2-3 years with all sort of negative news hopefully will not outshine the positives.

        5 years from now, tech leads the charge, 800-1000. GOOG does not believe in stock splits. GOOG will then be a 10-bagger for those that bought at the IPO, but a rough ride climbing to the moutain top.

        I stay away from FDA drugs approvals, more fall faster than they rise (see DNDN for a roundtrip).

    • I own them both - I feel like it is a no lose - kind of like buying Coke and Pepsi.

    • I traded my AAPL shares for GOOG ones this morning. Also bought TLT.

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