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  • CardizemCD CardizemCD Jun 11, 2012 11:59 AM Flag

    Trying to be helpful

    This is a very good message board. I appreciate the posters that have told me I was full of it. It has been a good dialog. We have all made and lost money trading stocks and options. It is a part of the process. Over the past several months or so I have been very vocal on this board because the passion of those who believe Google will go up is very strong. My "bearish" position is well known and has inspired a lot of Google defenders to come out of the woodworks. Unfortunately for them the stock keeps going down and I keep making money. Just bought some Jul 21 566 puts at 18.80.. big trade, big dollars.. and I know big profits. Follow along and see if I am right on wrong on this trade. Thanks.

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    • did anyone else buy the Jul 21 565 puts when I told you to? they are up to 26.00 right now... I did try to give you guys a heads up... don't say I didn't try to help you make money..

      don't get mad at me... just having fun... have lost a fortunate trading options over the years... made a fortune too... it comes and goes... Google has been great to me over the past several months... I will be sad when it stops falling and trades sideways for the next decade.. no fun in that....

    • what else u are shorting buddy

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      • pay attention.. I don't short.. I trade options.... limits my risk.. exponential upside if I am correct..... limited damage if I am wrong.... get on board.. the Jul 21 Google 565 puts.. bought today at 18.80... already up to 22.20... get to ride these down through earnings... might be 40.00 before earnings... and 100.00 after the miss...

    • I don't curently own Goog but have traded in the past. I have been interested in getting back in, so I've been browsing this board. You've shown remarkable restraint based upon many of the obnoxious comments that have been directed your way. I'm just curious as to why you have such a bearish opinion? I don't have an opinion, just asking about yours. I'd love it to drop below $500, but that seems unlikely, as it isn't an expensive stock by most parameters. Thanks

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      • thanks... it's been a nice ride down with Google... the company does make money.. it's main product - search - we all use... the problem for me with Google is that is is an Ad based business model.. the core business.. searching with a list of found searches... banner ads on the side etc.. I don't click them... if a company paid google money to make sure they are high up on my search they are wasting money... just like all politics are local.. so is searching...

        take those little ads to a phone or an ipad... if I didn't click before will I click some tiny little banner on my phone or ipad? tell me how is Google going to keep growing 30% earnings year over year?

        the earnings will be out in July... they will give some excuse about the Euro and the recession in Europe.. blah blah blah... the stock goes down 50 points easy...

        schmidt is selling shares, soros already dumped his shares, other insiders are selling, etc., etc... I keep saying it over and over.. the negatives for FB apply to Google too... when the company misses... and the share price is in the toilet.. don't get mad at me... I've been consistent... when the stock was 630, 640 and headed to the sky I said get out... I said the stock was being propped up above 600 so that the big boys could get out... I was dead on with that too... now look at the stock?! it can't sustain ANY rally ... at ALL.....

    • He was right last few weeks. Question, why continued bearishness? Won't GOOG have 25 - 30% profit growth mid-July reporting from huge growth in mobile search...etc., and hasn't the Correction in stocks run most of its course, off Jan. - April's stock market gains?

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      • the overall stock market correction just masked Google weakness.. people want to talk themselves into saying Google was/is weak because the market was/is weak... that's a head fake.. earnings will be out July 20th I think... watch the back pedalling that Google does... Europe, the strong dollar, blah blah blah... transition to mobile, the MMI transition, etc.. all garbage... they put themselves at war with Apple... that can't be good... in any way shape or form..

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