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  • I think Mark Cuban is HEDGING by investment in VRNG because he saw the trouble and also might've been interested in looking at the inside of the "darkroom" to see how's everything in the Vringo's "house." How deep an investor can get into the inside beats me. But, ON2 had a lot of Shorts having access to INSIDE info, otherwise how could Shorts be able to cover from Oct 2008 to August 2009 while keeping ON2 PPS under $0.40 and taking SI volume from 2+ million to under 500K by the end of July 2009? How could it be possible?

    here is why:

    Breaking the codes or breaking the links of the connection chains:

    ---Hambrecht was AOL and Motorola BOD

    ---Hambrecht & Armstrong: Tim Armstrong was Google EXECs in 2007 and , while at Motorola, he became William/Bill Hambrecht's BUSINESS PARTNER with UFL
    ----- Hambrecht was AOL BOD for sometime but resigned in 2011?

    ---Hambrecht and Icahn: Icahn forced Motorola to have Hambrecht as one of its BOD
    ----- Hambrecht became Motorola BOD but resigned a few days after Motorola and Google announced the buy-out on August 15 2011?

    ---Icahn and Cuban
    ----- Ichan and Cuban were investors in Lionsgate, which Cuban sold his shares in LGF to Icahn. Later on Icahn sold all of his shares in Lionsgate without getting his way around?

    ---Hambrect and Armstrong and M. Cuban, and P.P, husband of congresswoman Nancy
    ----- Hambrecht and Armstrong, while Armstrong was still Google EXEC, became partners in UFL and M. Cuban became one of UFL "investors". Interestingly enough Armstrong was moved to AOL as CEO and much later time Cuban sued Hambrecht in relation to UFL "investment" But what is the REAL deal behind the scene is not really clear too me???

    ---Hambrecht and Schmidt and Google

    ---Hambrect and ON2
    Hambrecht became ON2 "advisor", at the end of 2006 in acquiring Hantro, a Finish company. ON2 acquired Hantro on Nov 1, 2007. Iterestingly enough Google TRADEMARKED Hantro logo on April 2, 2008, about a month prior to ON2 and Sun Microsystem making deal on May 7, 2008

    Aug 17, 2011 [ 2 days after Google announced acquiring Motorola Mobility]
    “I want to thank Bill for his valuable service and guidance to Motorola and to Motorola Mobility,” said Sanjay Jha, chairman and chief executive officer, Motorola Mobility. “Bill played an instrumental role in the separation of Motorola into two independent publicly-traded companies, as well as in our recent milestone transaction with Google. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I wish Bill only the best.”

    Wed Aug 17, 2011
    Icahn nominee Hambrecht leaves Motorola board
    Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc MMI.N said on Wednesday that William R. Hambrecht is leaving its board of directors immediately.

    It did not explain why.

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    • Cuban, Icahn Play Cat-and-Mouse With Lionsgate

      Published: June 10, 2010

      So why would Cuban be willing to sell his significant chunk to Icahn for less than he can get in the marketplace? For every nickel over $7, his 6.4 million shares increase in value by $300,000. Even to Cuban, that’s real money.

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