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  • obamadungdufus obamadungdufus Sep 4, 2012 5:47 AM Flag

    Romney is Mormon and Obama is Christian,,,, you choose - a Christian that KILLS BABIES!!

    Only fools will be mocked as today with Obamadungdufus out accllaiming his Christianity being an avowed abortionist including the most horrific partial birth abortion where the so called doc sticks a tube in the unborn childs brain at the stem of the spinal cord then sucks out the brains! Wow what a Christian Obamadungdufus is! Such stance is diametrically opposed to Christ and anything Christian at all. Just as ANY talk of economic turnaround by dems is complete OXYMORON after ramming through the MASSIVE HEALTHCARE WELFARE BILL "TAX" YET TO KICK IN 2014 so is any talk of faith by such an AVOWED BABY KILLER as Obamadungdufus. As Huckabee said at the convention, woulld you prefer a Mormon that is pro life or a phony like Obamadungdufus that acclaims his Christian faith yet supports such horrific procedures as partial birth abortion and is friends with Bill and Bernadine Ayers Weather Underground murderers, Jeremiah Wright and Calypso Louis Farrakhan (true racist haters) and upholds the Holder Justice Dept that continues to give Black Panthers a complete pass on continuing racists acts of hate intimidating Philadelphia voters in a most violent fashion and daily such acts of outright hate against whties. This is your man DUMBO!!!

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    • try pure truth ... who is telling the truth... let God's word be our truth....Did u read the Mormon bible that teaches Jesus and Satan r brothers? A lie str8 out of Hell...
      Obama Saved America! God Bless Our Christian Brother OBAMA... God will deal with you Mormon Followers soon....

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    • bobama is muslim, anti american and anti small business. romney is all american, job creating, american loving family man, you chose! I pick the american ROMNEY!

    • try truth ... who is telling the truth?... let God's word be our truth....Did u read the Mormon bible that teaches Jesus and Satan r brothers? A lie str8 out of Hell... Pastor who endorsed Perry on Friday says Romney is a cultist By Chris Moody | Dr. Robert Jeffress, the influential pastor of a Dallas-based megachurch, offered his formal endorsement of Texas Gov. Rick Perry Friday at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. Friday, shortly before he explained why Perry's opponent atop the GOP field, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, is a cultist. Jeffress introduced Perry before he addressed the annual gathering for social conservatives, making a special point to emphasize Perry's Christian faith--as opposed to Romney's, who a Mormon, which Jeffress said was a "cult." "We understand Mormonism is not Christianity and thus the difference between somebody who's moral and good like Mitt Romney and a true born-again follower of Christ," Jeffress said after Perry's speech, adding that Perry had welcomed his endorsement. "I really think the decision for conservative evangelical Christians right now is going to be, do we prefer somebody who is truly a believer in Jesus Christ, or somebody who is a good moral person but he's a part of a cult." "It's not politically correct to say, but it's true. Mormonism is a cult. And for those reasons, besides Governor Romney's lack of consistency on social issues, I think Rick Perry is the most electable choice among Christian conservatives," he went on. Jeffress' views, however, do not reflect Perry's, his campaign spokesman told The Ticket. "The governor does not believe Mormonism is a cult," Perry Communication Director Mark Miner said in an email. Labeling Mormonism as a cult does not put Jeffress outside of the Southern Baptist mainstream. The denomination officially recognizes Romney's church as a cult, and has done so for years. Jeffress's views also should not come as a surprise to Perry's camp, since the preacher has publicly called Mormonism a cult in the past. "The Southern Baptist Convention has officially labeled Mormonism as a cult, so this is not some right-wing extremist view. It's a view of the largest Protestant denomination in the world," he said. "I think there are a lot of people who will not publicly say that's an issue because they don't want to appear to be bigoted, but for a lot of evangelical Christians, that is a huge issue, even if it's unspoken.

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    • Obama is muslim, 2 weeks ago he celebrated the ramadan in the white house, only muslims celebrate ramadan, also try to see the movie, 2016 the movie. you will see clear what's going on.

    • Satan! you are the father of lies.... and you and your Mormon Followers will burn in Hell...

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