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  • no_pricetag_on_fun no_pricetag_on_fun Sep 24, 2012 3:29 PM Flag

    Why is GOOG so strong?

    I don't know why GOOG is so strong. I've seen no big upgrades and nothing to suggest that their earnings and the economy are growing. It must be the Bernanke effect and the Fed and banks buying the S&P and Dow 30 stocks. I wish I was in deeper. (Hey! That's what my girlfriend says!)

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    • hedge fund hotel now...anyone buying up here is absolteyly NUTS. one of the most overbought stocks with NO good fundies, i have ever seen

      google is a hihgly cyclical business

    • Funds simply don't know what to do with all the free Bernack Crack and are chasing only large breakout stories. It's like the 1999 echo-bubble except it's only S&P500 Wall Street Darling stocks that are getting the momo love from Bernanke's latest and largest Free Money Bubble.

    • Surging volume suggests Hedge Funds buying heavy... For what reason, I haven't the slightest idea why. Still technicals suggest she might even see 760 this week if she closes above 746 today.

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      • If you are trading a stock and don't understand why it's up or down, you shouldn't be trading it. That is truely spinning a roulette wheel. Google android software in phones is dominating all phones other than I-phones on this plannet. You tube is making strides in monetizing that segment (making $). Their advertising on smart phones is making $ (something facebook can't figure out - that's why they will go down to $17 again). This is in addition to their bread and butter aspect of search. Add that info along with if Apple is worth $650 billion, then Google should be worth more than the $200B they were bouncing around the last couple of years. They also have $45B cash and can sock away $10-$15B each quarter. YTD Google even after this run-up is only up 16% for this year. They actually beat earnings for the last quarter reported and that is not one of their stonger quarters for reporting. Additionally mutual fund managers want to show winner stocks on their quarterly statements which ends at the end of this week. Lastly look at a five year/max year chart for Google and see the breakout. It's called a rising wedge...

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