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  • tc8848 tc8848 Sep 26, 2012 5:23 PM Flag

    Profit-taking sell off to commence tomorrow...

    If GOOG opens below 747 tomorrow expect an immediate gap down to around 742 sometime before noon... And if the does hold...the next support level is @ around 737 or so. Either way all indications now are pointing to a pullback... Wouldn't be surprised to see GOOG get a 20 point haircut at least.

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    • well the circuit breakers wouldn't cut in until about 680, so no worries

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      • if anyone bought in at 760.... they are buying more now.... If they loved it at 760... they are loving it more now... and they are glad to see the little drop to allow themselves to get in where they could have gotten in a few days earlier.... Google.... will never see below 700 again.... and i dare to day it will never see below 730.... with less than 300 million shares outstanding and the company firing on all cylinders now .... Google will be gaining steam and heading higher into the 800s and more.... Even analysts are upping their targets on the company. This stocks was trading around the numbers 5 years ago when google didnt have anything but search. While search is still their bread and butter, it has gotten stronger. At with the addition to so many other businesses ... Google will be one of those stocks you look back in 20 years and be glad you bought and stayed in.. or you will be one of those who looked back (while still at work) kicking your butt for not buying when you should have.... No one will be selling or shorting this company, unless you want to work well into their 80s

    • hahaha 2 down days in the market and google went down .22 cents one day and up $4.30 the next day.... so funny... why don't people just buy good companys and enjoy the ride to riches rather than short amazing strong stocks and pout when it doesnt do what it should do anyhow?

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      • Actually not-2-bright today's swing was nearly 17 points...tomorrow's will probably be similar. Still there are a lot of ppl who bought in the 760s and are now trying to get out fearing the market has topped off... Those recent buyers are now today's sellers and the reason GOOG sold off from intra-day high late in the day.

        So don't be surprised if the market sells off again tomorrow but this time GOOG pullback substantially do to profit-taking, weak-hands bailing and renewed shorting.

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