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  • rightdon53 rightdon53 Sep 29, 2012 3:58 AM Flag

    Billionaires Love these 5 stocks

    According to WSJ:
    Billionaires Love these 5 stocks:
    #1 AAPL
    #2 GOOG
    #3 QCOM
    #4 MSFT
    #5 NWSA
    In a good agreement with
    ** I Know First algorithmic system** stance on these stock
    Good Trading!

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    • At the current valuations, Google is expensive as compared to its competitors, but it is trading below its industry P/E average. I buy the stock, because Google is correctly priced at present. Upcoming events, which could affect the stock price, include next month's earning release, and the launch of Microsoft 's Surface tablet.

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    • Now it is a good time to BUY GOOG on dips,
      GOOG bandwagon is inevitably destined for a trip up.

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    • On many occasions, I have make similar calendar spread purchases on Apple prior to earnings announcements, and have made gains most of the time.
      However, GOOG looks like a better bet right now. GOOG seems to have matured a bit more over the years, and earnings announcements do not seem to have as much of an effect on the stock price as they did in the early years when the company was more secretive about how things were going.

    • timtomson42 Oct 1, 2012 11:07 AM Flag

      GOOG is green according to your tip.

    • timtomson42 Oct 1, 2012 2:40 PM Flag

      In Q3, Technology stocks in the S&P 500 scored one of the better performances, with the sector (XLK) rising 7% in price and besting the 5.8% price-return for the S&P 500.
      The 71 stocks rose an average of 4.2%, which not only trailed the return of the sector but also lagged the overall market. What's going on?
      Google and Apple is all the story.
      The sector was certainly boosted by GOOG's 30% gain and AAPL's 14% jump.
      In accordance with
      **I Know First algorithmic system** forecast.
      Good Trading!

    • Asian shares and the euro rose on Tuesday after a surprising expansion in U.S. factory activity helped investors override concerns about weak overall global growth, and some market players said riskier assets should continue to find support.
      NIce day for all of US!

    • Google is close to acquiring face-recognition technology developer Viewdle for a price "toward the high end" of a $30M-$45M range, a source tells CNET

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      • he U.K. parliament's Treasury Select Committee could launch an investigation into tax avoidance by major U.S. companies and look at how to recalibrate the law to end or at least reduce such avoidance.
        Starbucks hasn't paid any U.K. taxes for three years, while Amazon , Facebook and Google have paid under £30M combined despite sales of £3.1B.

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    • Mobile ads are "the only advertising medium available continuously all day," says Millennial Media CEO Paul Palmieri, making a bull case for a platform whose effectiveness has been questioned due to concerns about tiny displays and the ability to turn clicks into purchases. Palmieri notes mobile still only accounts for 1% of ad spend, in spite of accounting for 10% of media consumption - it might not be necessary for that gap to be eliminated for the market to grow rapidly

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      • Google Inc.'s market capitalization recently pulled even with Microsoft Corp. for the first time, fueled by good news about Google's online-ad business and missteps from its top competitors. But as the Internet giant holds its annual partners meeting and reports quarterly earnings this week, several question marks hang over the company.

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    • Google has been on quite a tear for the past year, with its stock hitting new all-time highs almost every day - including its most recent on Monday at $765. This price saw the search engine giant reach a monumental milestone as a public company. It usurped Microsoft (MSFT) by taking its place as the second-largest stock on the Nasdaq 100 index. Its market cap of $249 billion now makes it second to Apple's $618 billion.

    • Google's stock to continue rising for the time being, and eventually increase at a faster rate as Motorola launches its next generation of Android phones.

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