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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Oct 21, 2012 9:38 AM Flag

    Rham Emanuel again relying on stupidity of dem base

    Rham Emanuel on This Week with Goegre Stephnoupolus acclaiming this election must be about jobs and turning around this most horrific 'Bush' economy. HA! still blaming Bush after having 4 years to correct it and unlike what BOY CLINTON acclaimed 'Reagan turned it around in 4 years without slandering the other until now most failed POTUS Jammy Carter.' Of coure Rham did not mention the MASSIVE "TAX" Obamacare yet to kick in 2014 KILLING many MORE JOBS. Any talk of econmomic recovery by Obama and the dem Chicago Gangland regime is 100% OXYMORON and emphasize the #$%$s,) Rham then went on to acclaim Holder will seek Justice in the failed Lybya attacks as to where the breakdown occurred. HA! We saw Holder Obama lack of Justice when they refused to go after the Black Panther for violent voter intimidation in Philly while all the time acclaiming the repubs are the ones restricting votes. I stand firm dems are the best liars ever born and can look you right in the eye and lie accusing you of doing exactly what they are guilty of. People must be truly dumb to buy into this nonsense. Then Rham went on to tell the war story how Obama ended Iraq. HA! There are still thousands of private firm ex military speciall forces mercenaries in Iraq to protect the 16,000 Dept. of State employees to also stay in country. Obama had nothing to do with any of it as the Military Command has and will continue to make all such decisions. Think how STUPID you must be to think the US Military with now 236 years of experience would bow down to a Chicago community organizer Saul Alinsky friend of Weather Underground murdererers buddy to get direction on fighting the wars. HA! DUMBOS!!!! So look for more of the same in Monday's debate as Obama will further spin all the cover being laid for him today by the Lame Stream MSM co-arm of dem party (i.e. DEBBIE BLABERMOUTH SHULTZ the FL DEM DUNCE!!!) Gear up for more spin about THE VIDEO. HA! Next it will be a movie with Hollywood sluts starring in the main roles (i.e Eva!!!)

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