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  • interstate1998 interstate1998 Nov 9, 2012 8:27 AM Flag

    Future Royalties... Does not get easier than this

    Here is it is... easy math for future royalties based on VRNG formula... just on GOOG Q3 numbers

    14,000,000,000*.94 *.46 *.0209 *.035=
    Q3 revs * Ad Rev * US rev * infringment rev* royalty rate=

    [b]44,282,084... that is just for Q3[/b]
    [b]177,128,336... for the year based off of GOOG Q3 numbers[/b]

    So just based off of Q3 numbers...for 2013-2016 we are looking at
    [b]708,513,344[/b] cash with VRNG not having to pick up a finger to collect. I do not see why everyone is so upset. I have always said it was about the future revs.

    I do not care if the jury messed up the past damages... They said VRNG should be awarded 3.5% royalty. The 3.5 royalty should be applied to future revs as well. If you read GOOG latest 10Q... you will see that 94% of all revs come from adwords.

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