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  • gruen7 gruen7 Dec 3, 2012 7:08 PM Flag

    Cramer said to buy AMZN it has a 314 Target people for many reasons

    Amazon is now stepping on Ebays toes. Nobody is safe from the trail of destruction of Amazon taking whatever it wants, constantly showing companies how its suppose to be done. Everyone is afraid of AMZN and they should be.

    I think you mean long AMZN, short INTC lol.... wow the last jerkoff that said short AMZN did not even come back on and show his face and admit he was wrong. Now today on Fast Money the other fast money guy says AMZN is so 2012, sell it if you have a profit but don't short it. Then Cramer says buy AMZN and that in tech only GOOG AAPL and AMZN matter but don't buy GOOG way up here and he and Cramerica are right, Amazon is headed to its target of 314 by Jan 19th ahead of the biggest and best earnings Amazon has ever had, ever! Amazon is taking a big slice of Ebays cash business and will show Ebay how it is really done with a much cleaner interface. AMZN will go bonkers tomorrow, the hedge funds will get crazy aggressive grabbing even more Amazon shares, the mutual funds know its time to add more shares of AMZN tomorrow and the Cramer fans will be buying AMZN hand over fist as 300 by the end of January is guaranteed and if it is as big a blowout as many think it will be, AMZN will gap up to 340 in after hours. Please short Amazon shorts because only 2% of Amazon is short and to be honest we need more fuel for the fire! I repeat AMZN goes bonkers tomorrow! If you are not on margin in AMZN, you better get right for the quick ride north of 300 by Jan 19th, then AMZN gaps up 30 or 40 to 340 after blowout earnimgs. Better wire some money into your stock or options account before Amzn adds 50 billion in market cap, Amzn pushes around and scares companies with 2-5 times the market cap Amazon has. Jeff Bezos is a genuis. Cramer said goog must come down before you can buy it and he is right. Money from retail is leaving aapl and goog and going into AMZN before it breaks its 52 week high hard this week and keeps right on going to 285 before a rest.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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