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  • merenkov merenkov Jan 17, 2013 1:44 PM Flag

    Anyone here ever visit the AAPL board?

    I'm a fan of both Google and Apple, each innovators in their own way. But have any of you ever visited the AAPL message board here at yahoo? While the GOOG board may have 15 or 20 posts in a day, the AAPL board will have thousands, mostly crude, illiterate, juvenile trash-talking, essentially rendering that board unusable. Here it seems like there is just occasional thoughtful discussion. Can anyone explain this discrepancy?

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    • It speaks to the quality of the company and "the company they keep."

      Google would be the group I would want to hang around-- owners and shareholders.

      I have a Andr phone and love it-- I can live without the hype of apple products and the
      kind of people that race after them "blindly" opinion

    • vail0708 Jan 18, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

      AAPl makes great products, but the yahoo aapl board is a waste of time. Worthless

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      • go to that board and search under "newest" for the terms "Demark", "Gore", etc. My co managing partner has been sharing many insights known only in the let's call it esoteric hedge fund research circles.

        We are positioned for our view that AAPL is going to blow out the quarter Wednesday. Though FB and others are stuggling to figure out sustainable mobile revenues from their posturing, we think GOOG has a big role to play forward due to its quality maps and search tie ins... Still scratching our heads on the Friday news. Strange IR effort to say ~ hey street, your numbers are too high and figure out the mobility sale already. IR does not mix well with novel approaches and IR.

        We are very long (combined over 10% of aum) in GOOG and AAPL, the two clear long term winners, but we only trade Faceplant aka Fakebook. Observationally, it is interesting that FB has gone from college cool to middle school girls texting each other and grandparents sharing pictures of their grandkids and vacations. FB's corporate penetration is bizarre too. Companies are increasingly involved on FB, but if you click to many saying "visit us on FB", you'll see the FB page is typically a mission statement, business overview and inks to their corporate websites. It is hard to see how much any corporation would be willing to pay for that for more than a novelty period.

    • I have visited the AAPL board and I agree with your assessment of many of the posts. I'm really surprise at the anti-Semitic tone of some posts. Many of the posts reflect an irrational hatred of Apple. I do not see how that "speaks for the company and the company they keep." That's why Yahoo has the "Ignore User" option.

      Weather you have an Android phone or an iPhone, Google and Apple are both good companies and good investment opportunities. To judge anyone by the brand of smartphone they carry is both idiotic and senseless. Everyone wins when competition is strong. The marketplace is the most efficient, diverse form of capitalism you can find.

      Investment message boards have nothing to do with "hanging around" with people. Most people are not who they say they are anyway; it should be a place to get information that may effect investments; nothing more, nothing less. Just my 2¢ worth.

    • Apple bashers are what destroy the board with filth, lies, and insults.

    • Same... "squeezetracker" has actively shared many worthwhile posts going into this Q's earnings report though.

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