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  • johnlukisretard johnlukisretard Jan 23, 2013 11:39 PM Flag

    Goog does half of Apple and shares go up

    The most amazing part is that this market is stretching into multi-year highs while AAPL has essentially collapsed. I think it's just a matter of time before the rest of the market catches up to reality.

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    • exactly. it is all one big scam. biggest market cap company in the world collapses and the sp500 is near all time highs? every single stock is massively overvalued. 30-40% haircut coming across the board !!!!

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      • Ah, how soon we forget... Most of the other former largest market cap companies are still around. Did the world end when they were toppled or did reality at their true potential finally arrive at the share price? Consider: Exxon, IBM, Microsoft. Even Cisco at one time. The mighty AT & T, now scattered,
        Wal-Mart, whose growth continues, but slowly. GM? Not lately, just as Philip Morris is... in ashes.

        Is there ever really a company with such lofty potential that it deserves such a great multiple? No, because growth is finite. There was a time when Southwest Air was worth more than all the other airlines together. A good reminder of why buy and hold may not work.

    • AAPL has been the harbinger for several months now. Incredible the balance of the market hasn't figured it out. Screw all of the pundits who are claiming the market it undervalued. In the case of GOOG, one only need look at the 200 DMA, $686. My opinion: Should be about $650, given all of the caution flags flying around the world, and that is being optimistic.

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