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  • cybercash28 cybercash28 Jan 28, 2013 1:15 AM Flag

    OT: AAPL and others

    It is very silly to see AAPL trading like it is going out of business then look at NFLX.
    Lazo Brziny is a very good investor and predictor. He owns AAPL. When EVERYONE hates AAPL is when the big guys buying. $410 $420 is next very strong support. They have tons of cash and they not that not-smart to sit there and do nothing. The reason we watch AAPL because it has an impact on tech stocks, even not much in the last couple of days. People do look at the NASDAQ index to trade. longer followed in the shadow of AAPL. CEO made very positive comments on CC customers coming? Sounds like it. Anyway, very bullish be use on the bounce after earning, closed above ma-50 on good volumes. Watch ma-200...

    QCOR...good analysis from MF today, undervalue and huge short to squeeze.

    ONVO...few positive and very interesting, promising closely tomorrow. I have saying great potential. Hold some for sure.

    CIMT...good article on this one too.

    BAX..not sexy but will break $69 level.

    HAIN...this one can really jump huge on earning. Watch closely on this one.

    AMZN...too scary to touch..

    FB...chart looks very good. I have been saying I really like this one..keep adding on dips for months....can break $32.2 before earning if market strong...will see.

    If AAPL bounce back in a convincing way, many shorts from other stocks will cover including GOOG.

    We keep paying attention to the tech stocks but many other sectors are safe and keep hitting high..LEN PHM KBH SHW. And many other good uptrend stocks when pullback to the lower line of the uptrend channel is easier to make money then jumping in and out too often.,

    Always fun to be part of the noisy stocks like AAPL GOOG FB NFLX AMZN...etc..

    Will talk to your guys tomorrow. I love this message board, not many silly posts.

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