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  • dtd1955 dtd1955 Feb 18, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

    Weekly Call Option Strategy:

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    • I've had great luck in the past 2 weeks trading near and in the money 2/16 calls.I started watching the chart and saw that the stock swings nearly 1% each day.My strategy has been to buy the calls when the share price appears to be at the low for a one or two day period and then put in a GTC sell for 30% above purchase price no mater how strong or weak it's looking.It's worked like a charm but I know it's sophomoric. Does anyone hear have a strategy they'd care to share.TIA.

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      • buy june 22 $700 puts for $1050 each. Countertrend especially with google hitting new high friday but look at daily and weekly charts. Top of bollinger bands and weekly especially getting significant RSI Divergence.

        Exact same setup that appl had when it hit $705. If you believe the hype that this trend is legite and seqestration be ignored then buy $900 calls for june. If you believe technical indicators more than just a trend line, buy deep OTM puts. Call it stupid but it defines your risk and if you'd done the same thing with appl and bought the $475 puts in sept at its peak you'd have paid $500 a contract and could have sold them in nov for 5 times your investment or jan for 9 times your investment.

        They call it a herd for a reason.

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