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  • soonersof_ou soonersof_ou Mar 1, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    LMFAO! You CANNOT STOP THE GOOOOOOG! Up up and away~

    This is SICK!!! Like clock-work, EVERY Friday you can expet to see a little ROCK 'N ROLL up up up the ladder for the GOOG.
    GOOG is the Ferrari of stocks... Get some!

    Time for mutual funds and fund managers to pour more $$$'s into the GOOG today! Nothing can stop this train right now. Maybe in Sept you tkae a profit (a la AAPL last year) but based on the run they had last year and that fact that GOOG is the AAPL of 2013, you WILL see the GOOG touch 1000$+ pps THIS YEAR. PERIOD.

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    • Next big question: Do we get teh 2'o clock glide to the highs of the day... OR do we get the 2'o clock slide into the close? That is the next big question...
      CLEARLY the people DO NOT CARE about the govt right now and will continue to buy. Expect the SAMSUNG new products to propel this to $1k+ in pps, EASILY!

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