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  • investora2z investora2z Mar 29, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    Innovative products are the key

    Accurate targeting of advertisements is the key to maximization of revenue for GOOG. Majority of its revenues come from ads. It's Android OS has been given free to the world for good reason. Since most of the apps are running on this OS, it is easier for Google to understand customer behavior, preferences etc., whenever the users are on web. Chrome helps in this pursuit of know your customer (too much). The more they know, they can place the ads more appropriately, and hence the ads would become more productive for the advertiser. This obviously implies that it can charge more for the ads. And, what Microsoft says about scanning of emails by Google is also true. So knowledge is indeed power. Further, all know that the cash on books is $48 billion compared with a debt of $7.2 billion. So there is power everywhere, and it is distributing the addictive Android for even more influence. Basically, if you use any Google product and interface, you are increasing the ad value which it may be able to command from the advertisers. So the future looks okay (if one can ignore threats like Samsungs upcoming O/s for smartphones), but surely a portion of this is already in the price. Scope for future growth depends directly on the Google's ability to make more beautiful and user / apps friendly interfaces. It's other worries include the patent lawsuits like the Microsoft’s lawsuit against Google Maps in Germany. With patent monetization becoming a business model in itself e.g companies like Marathon Patent Group (MARA), MGT Capital investments (MGT) etc. getting big mainly due to such lawsuits, it is likely to remain involved in such skirmishes around the world. But the overall picture remains okay, provided innovations keep flowing. People are waiting for the "Glasses".

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