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  • ken.zand Apr 5, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    Insider selling...

    So why wouldn't one short the hell out of this stock with Sergei, Schmidt selling shares quicker than I can buy them? Seems like maybe they know this position has peaked and is heading down the way of Apple. If they thought it would go up they, being the greedy kind, would stand pat.

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    • ya think? These guys just sold over 72% of all their shares...sergei is about completely out and Schmidt down to his last 185,000 shares. They sold billions this last 6 months. They did good. They have rotated out. Sold around $800. Besides taxes, wonder where this money went? Isn't it amazing how this works? All that money to a few, all coming from millions. Mutual funds, Institutions, individual IRAs, whatever. All set to lose except those two.

      Wonder why more people don't ask.........Why don't you give us shareholders some of that money guys? they call it dividends. Amazing. Short the daylights out of this stock. Or buy put options...

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      • ken.zand Apr 8, 2013 12:27 PM Flag

        Yes...thinking about put options for sure. I think the big boys will begin bailing soon. Doesn't bode well for the retail investor with shares in their 401K. It is definitly tanking and Sergei and Schmidt are at the top of the pile selling every chance they get. If they don't hold the stock why should anyone?

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