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  • europe_and_usa europe_and_usa Apr 19, 2013 7:33 AM Flag

    4 main negative factors in recent earning.

    - Miss on the revenue.
    - Miss on cost per click (fell 4%).
    - Miss on Motorola Mobility revenue ($1B vs $1.51B last quarter).
    - Tax paid only 8% compared to 18% in previous quarter.

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    • Agree 100% with points above. They miss on the most improtant metrics and analysts "upgrade" the stock to make a buck. Nothing on the horizon to keep this stock going up. The most recent quarter was basically a lot of fuzzy math and accounting tricks to "dress up the numbers" and for the most part the people fell for it.
      My expectation is that they bomb the next quarter and the stock collapses back down (again). It might be from a $1000 starting point, and this isn't Enron, but it's a lot of smoke and mirrors right now for (still) being a 1 trick pony, with a pony that's getting tired of doing this dance for all these years.
      Mobile will kill google earnings just like so many other companies...

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      • the people fell for it?? We have tore these numbers apart at my firm and they were solid. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. What firm do you work for? If any or are you a clueless small time mom and pop investor. This was Goldman Sachs and othe big firms buying Friday. Not the little guys. You guys missed out and were washed out on the rinse of the stock. Ever heard of a rinse job? Well that's what you saw with the market makers wiping out the weak holders on the rinse to 760's.

    • Does not matter what you think. It is more important to see how the big money reacts to earnings and what they see ahead. I think more traders were expecting a bigger miss on revenues and the tax rate was already a known factor. The stock reacted violently positive on triple normal volume and it was a bullish engulfing candle. The dumb money sold or did not buy. It is obvious this stock is headed much higher. Believe what you want but it doesn't matter to anyone except yourself. Feel good you are either short or don't own the stock and watch it march much higher. Apple is going to have declining revenues over the next year or two and GOOGLE will be growing over 20% year over year and maybe even more. AAPL was a 5-6 year flash because of iphone and ipad but that lead is gone. GOOG has more interessting future for sure. I'ts my bet for the first $1000 tech stock

    • Are you on drugs?

    • FYI.......

    • Revenue was not that bad.
      Cost per click was within range.
      Motorola mobility miss is a minor issue at best.
      Tax paid is alsonot a big deal.
      Overall gopg had a great quarter hence stock will return to the $790- $800 range today.Cuffs

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    • all i read is, "I took da bizness in da college, and dont know abutz longsterms potenshells"

      First of all, missing anything related to analyst estimates means nothing. It doesn't mean up or down, left or right, or diagonally. Especially when the stock randomly drops 20 points on the day of earnings. That just means it wasn't sitting in the right place to begin with.

      Cost per click, in EVERY study I've read, is supposed to go up. You're probably comparing it to a holiday quarter where advertising budgets are through the roof....

      Motorola is a drain....right now. No one is arguing that. However, its potential far outweighs this current "restructuring" period its going through. Look at the popularity of googles nexus line based solely on the fact that its PURE ANDROID. People love it, and will gobble up googles hardware for potential hundreds of billions of net worth.

      Tax paid..the QE is on going. Less tax, means more RandD, and more expansion. Where the problem?

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      • Sorry dinkyrpg, this message board is missed up!

        - Regarding the analyst estimate, it does matter when a stock is trading at a PE of 24 compared to 8 for Apple.
        - Regarding cost per click, you said it right every article expected it to go up, but it went down, so that is called a miss.
        - Regarding Motorola, yes it's drain, but no one likes that outdated nexus hardware.
        - Regrading the QE, you said it right, so without QE Google officially missed its numbers.

      • missing anything related to analyst estimates means nothing n EVERY study I've read, is supposed to go up Motorola is a drain Look at the popularity of googles nexus line based solely on the fact that its PURE ANDROID. People love it, QE is on going

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