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  • discountbrains discountbrains Apr 22, 2013 11:45 AM Flag

    What say you about google glass?

    Some compelling reasons have come to light that these things or this sort of thing will become more ubiquitous than iphone or anything AAPL ever came out with. It seems u can take pictures and videos with them with just a voice command. One never knows when we need to be vigilant. But, be aware msn, samsung, sony, and all the rest are wanting in on this also! Who is the central technology to this whole thing? HIMX. Its almost a given that HIMX is supplying the LCOS semiconductors to make these projector displays possible and I think they also have something to do with the camera technology too. Its already known HIMX has shipped 1M LCOS chips to GOOG. It doesn't stop there: MSFT wants this for use with their game consoles and the rest have many other uses for these! I can see this as a more immersive configuration for gaming and the like. HIMX has been working on this pico projector technology for 2 years or more. Sure there are a few others who have similar technology, but they just don't quite make the grade. HIMX is already a major supplier of panel display drivers and also supplies touch pad controllers and other semiconductor products. Don't let HIMX's stock price fool you. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HIMX; THERE IS SOMETHING BADLY WRONG WITH THE INVESTOR COMMUNITY!!!!

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