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  • strong_iiiii strong_iiiii Apr 26, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

    Eric Schmidt criticizes Google's Glass device.

    April 26, 2013:
    "Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt thinks that there are some "obvious" places where Google Glass is inappropriate.

    Schmidt also admitted that talking out loud to control Glass through its voice recognition is, "the weirdest thing.

    Schmidt confirmed Google's challenge, saying that Glass is "so new, we decided to be more cautious...It's always easier to open it up more in the future."

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    • Ignore the negative. Thier just causing the stock to bounce around is all.You worry way too much.The stock of GooG is trading at a discount of it's $1,100.00 a share value.cuffs

    • “We want to be very careful that this sort of new invention is not misused,” Schmidt said later. “It’s already been banned in Las Vegas casinos. They haven’t even seen it. I’m always concerned about premature regulation based on fear, as opposed to understanding what’s possible.”

    • Google's Glass project is a complete failure, here is why:

      - It's too expensive ($1500).
      - Prohibited by law to wear when driving in most countries.
      - Prohibited by Google to sell for children below 13 year of age.
      - Wearable devices have proven impractical for most people.
      - Non water proof.
      - Easy to steal in crowded streets.
      - Battery won't last long because of its small size.

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      • These problems are minor points. A good high tech developer aims at the future and not the present. Back when Microsoft was competently run (pre Balmer) their products were constantly demanding better hardware than existed at the time project development began, but were well suited for new hardware that later came out (around release date).

        As with self driving car, laws need to evolve to match technology. Focus should be does it make sense to wear while driving?, not status under current rules.

        Initial rules for children prudent--eventually will probably fall away--Early internet and cell phones were not for children either..

        Expensive is a hardware issue. Electronics component prices come down over time. On any long cycle development project, it is a serious mistake to develop based on current component costs.

        Battery issues: Common to all mobile electronics. Enough at stake and feasibility of better power technologies imply this will eventually be solved.

        Version 1.0 will be bleeding edge technology, but the general concept has a future. In the high tech field, if you stand still you fade away. Apple did not get to where it is today by making PC clones. HP and Dell are the result of "me to" products and not reaching for the future.

        Android was the response to the threat from Phone companies and Apple of a closed search market as mobile search emerged. If Google does not continue to explore future interfaces, it could lose its position in search when the next technology comes along.

      • awful.....

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