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  • flankenking flankenking May 5, 2013 4:25 PM Flag

    Growth-rate of Monthly Unique Visitors of LOCM is 50% higher than Yelp's

    Yelp has only 96% of the Monthly Unique Visitors of Local Corp, but the 53-fold market-cap (Market-Cap of Local Corp = 38 million, Market-Cap of Yelp = 2,010 million)

    Local Corp development of Unique Visitors:

    11/2012: 18,745,842 Monthly Unique Visitors

    12/2012: 22,738,206 Monthly Unique Visitors

    01/2013: 26,410,927 Monthly Unique Visitors

    02/2013: 24,017,605 Monthly Unique Visitors

    03/2013: 24,427,755 Monthly Unique Visitors

    An increase of 22.63% year-over-year.

    Compare with the development of Yelp's Unique Visitors:

    11/2012: 19,358,705 Monthly Unique Visitors

    12/2012: 21,017,483 Monthly Unique Visitors

    01/2013: 22,293,301 Monthly Unique Visitors

    02/2013: 21,063,155 Monthly Unique Visitors

    03/2013: 23,364,095 Monthly Unique Visitors

    An increase of 14.94% year-over-year L

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    • The Growth Strategy of Local Corp

      • Grow margins in O&O business (largest revenue stream)
      »Margin optimization via new SEM tools
      »Gradually ramping in the UK

      • Grow revenues in Network (highest gross margin revenues)
      »Expand number of sites via business development team (more traffic)
      »New products planned… shopping directory, ‘Launch by Local’ SMB private label, publisher dashboard
      »Optimize monetization by deploying new testing platform

      • Developing opportunities
      »Local display network – leveraging our existing Network
      »Microsites (insurance, HVAC, alarm systems and more) – leveraging out platform
      »Improved monetization via lead generation – monetization improvements
      »Mobile – leveraging our platform

    • Local Corp is THE pioneer in local technology

      • Proprietary platform and know-how
      »Real time business, product and services data integration
      »Large scale local/commercial content production and syndication
      »Very large scale CPC ad-serving and distribution
      »Web indexing and local search relevance
      »Very large scale SEO, SEM campaign expertise
      »Local display ad production and syndication
      »Web hosting and local/commercial domain name acquisition

      •12 patents issued, 8 pending
      »Key patents
      –Local web indexing (for indexing local web sites across the web)
      –Pay per call for local and commercial searches via a mobile device (multiple patents)
      •The billion dollar industry question: How do we monetize mobile?
      –Dynamic cascading menu search (for product search on tablets and smart phones)
      –Bulk domain registration and content management (for very large scale SEO Less Less
      CEO on last conference call:

      "We also fundamentally believe that our pattern portfolio is undervalued, so we think the value of our IP will be realized as we make progress and protecting our life under our patterns. We have a dozen patterns, three of which are in the emerging pay-per-call space, a multibillion ad revenue opportunity in mobile. We’re actively reviewing potential infringes of our pay-per-call intellectual property and expect to take action to preserve our IP raised in mobile later this year."

      Source: Transcript of Conference Call (Read the complete text on Seeking Alpha)

    • Consumer Properties Statistic of Local Corp

      Monthly Uniqe Visitors: Over 30 million

      Monthly Page Views: Approximal 50 million

      Page Views per Visit: 2.5 views in the average

      Impressions: 1.2 billion

      Click Through-Rate: Up to 8x more than Industry Standard

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