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  • finch.kathy finch.kathy May 16, 2013 1:15 PM Flag

    Hey Girls..

    Buy FUSE SCIENCE.. sym: DROP.. news pending and earnings forecast is great Have a G1.

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    • PS Kathy. I meant no offense.

      Kathy, I didn't mean any offense on the GOOG message board.

      I got burned many times by OTC stocks. After that, I learned to check out 10Q filings. That's where I could find out (under "consolidated and/or consolidated balance" in the links) whether or not company's had been profitable, how long ago, etc. etc.

      It's just that a lot of OTC companies are perennial money losers. Diluting (adding more shares all the time) so the price never really has a chance to rise).

      When I didn't have a lot of money to invest, and after getting burned by OTC stocks, I started putting $200 together and buying a few shares in companies that were consistently profitable, barring unforeseen economic turmoil or downturns in their sectors (like F in automotive).

      I found over time that spending the $7 commission to buy $200 of stock at a time in good companies led to growth over time.

      Google is my most expensive stock. Most of the others range from $14 to the next highest, BRK/B at $60 when I bought it last year. Now $112.

      Anyway, I didn't mean to insult you. I'm not a wealthy guy. Just saving for retirement is all. Self employed.

      $200 here and there can add up over the years. Diversify. First $200 in say, Ford. Next $200 in a tech stock like AMAT, and so on. Lots of eggs in one basket. Then, I added to positions over time until I have a pretty nice looking portfolio where no one stock can crush me.

      Have a good day, Kathy

      Danny :-)

    • Penny pump and dump stocks aren't for people who buy GOOG and other blue chips.

      But, have a nice day :-)

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