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  • chadwick_71 chadwick_71 Jun 20, 2013 2:04 PM Flag

    Be thankful GOOG is not at 835 (which it should have been)

    This run up from last Thursday is pure calculated by the larger Institutions knowing the fed was coming with policy notes on Wednesday... they shot it up as soon as it hit its 50day MA (last Thursday) and have cranked her almost 50 points in 4 trading days...

    We are lucky GOOG took a huge run last week becuase she should be covering her 833 gap right now but it seems the larger boys want her around the 880 mark by friday leaving her flat for the week if you merely road her out... If she closes the week around 880 (which should be very close to her 50 day MA come tomorrow...

    LOOK OUT NEXT WEEK... we shall see but I do have my protective puts in place to fetch a little on the down side if she does.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • You seem to miss the point of it all.

    • GooG, should easily have been at 845-850 range but hey I'm not complaining by any means... just saying be thankful she is where she is at right now and dont be surprised if she closed at 865 tomorrow with OX coming in...

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      • Im wondering what people thought would happen??? she has been over inflated from the 700- to 920 run in what 3 months with very little pull back... the hype of a split settlement.

        Again, be thankful she is not sitting at the 845-850 mark as that is where she should be but we were fortunate that we had the hype run up from 850-910 in less than 2 weeks.

        She has a major gap to fill still... this is a healthy retraction. I have been promoting protective puts for weeks now based on your risk tolerance (because this market is not all lollipops, rainbows and unicorns)

        She still has a 5-7% correction in store. I personally would rather see it fast and strat building forward going into earning... not lagging and then sliced.

        Sentiment: Hold

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