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  • theytookallthegoodloginnames theytookallthegoodloginnames Aug 13, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    Why is this supposedly a "hot" stock have barren message board? It sounds like very little interest from the retail.

    This stock will crash like apple.

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    • just shows you u better get in.....

    • one thing you fail to realize is that most stock boards are more "barren" than one would think.
      so a couple things to consider:
      #1. Most "real" retail investors that come on these boards are simply observers and do not take active participation in a stock. they simply come for either entertainment, looking for facts, or looking for the activity of the paid pumpers and paid bashers.
      #2. A majority of the posts on any stock forum IS, in fact, someone who is paid to post here to convince the observers that they should buy or sell a stock. So when a stock forum starts picking up in posts per hour, it is due to the professionals spamming as many things as they can to make this stock appear to be on the verge of sky rocketing or tanking.
      #3. I rarely post on these boards myself. Altho a retail investor myself, i do not take these boards seriously. I however can take into account that there is a correlation between volume increase of a stock to the number of bashers/pumpers that start posting.

      a little known fact on top of this. regardless of SOME newbie investors that fall for these traps, rarely does any information that come from these boards directly effect the stock price in any major way.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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