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  • tj_shanks tj_shanks Sep 4, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    market must like war war war

    rah rah rah, google is big brother-esq stock of future... buy buy buy

    200 moving day average is not going to happen...

    all one big dog & pony "McCain caught playing poker" show to attract dumb shorts

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    • Hmmm - that suggestion ,that is and if it was true, could suggest the "they" are a lot smarter than the market and that means the poker graphic was photo-shopped and the senator tweet was staged (to set up non-confidence and attract shorts for example).

      You should be working at the Fed because that could've been an amazing bear trap. You can bet "they" aren't that smart, but it doesn't mean "they" don't get lucky from time to time.... nobody knows except the margin clerks maybe.

      Either way it's a rigged casino and risks are too great to bet on a successful bear trap. Bets on the senate coming to the rescue in Sept 2008 didn't do so well, and for all we know the senate makes the downside bets as often as they do upside (there's zero transparency and the market needs to wake up and demand entities like CNBC, Senators and Pentagon employees etc. full audits of their trading to an outside USA firm going back to June 2007 or so) - remember more than 50% of S&P500 issues are held outside USA and that's where confidence needs to be improved. It will never happen and that means it's likely the Senators are playing poker for real because they don't give a hoot about "muppets".

      Sentiment: Sell

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