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  • ahande ahande Oct 13, 2011 6:32 PM Flag

    Short Interest went up

    WTF? Who is shorting under $2? What do they know. I sure would like these shorts to be roasted.

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    • Birdie: It's not that I think the game is fixed. Just tilted a wee bit. <VBG>

      After all....there is information; and then there is INFORMATION. Who has privy to what is oft-times a function of who has access, power and influence. Kind'a a hallmark of all Human Social Structures and artifices ain't it?

      And I'm okay with this so long as the tilt ain't overly much that makes correct and fires the ire of the Occupy WS folks these days. An ire I can agree with....but this ain't the place to discuss such as that.... ;-)

      INVE bid = $2.16 and volume running a bit hotter than this time yesterday...

    • The number really hasnt deviated much since June.

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      • I agree with the overall sentiment that the short position really isn't all that important as one would think or expect. At least...not as it relates to INVE.

        My own personal opinion is the size is an expression of some sort of hedge function put in place as a consequence of the offering. I have nothing to legitimize this opinion other than to point out that the short position ballooned to almost exactly the same size as the offering at the same time the offering completed. It hasn't really varied since that point sooooooo.....

        But it IS only my opinion. thing....the short position is now made availabe twice monthly. At the 1st and 15th...but I agree....daily would be best and there's not reason (in today's world" why the data could not be made available...except it cuts into advantages held by certain Powers that be (I suppose).

        Meanwhile INVE is back testing the ~$2.20 zone...

        American Net'Xen

    • As long as INVE isnt showing up on the REGSHO or Naked Short list, Im not too worried. I think there is limited downside risk with INVE. He, if you have enough money, you can make it shorting even at 2.00. The short interest number is only updated once a month. I wish they would update daily. That would give you better insight. In the end, they have to cever sooner or later. Just makes for more of a bounce when it does happen.

    • I dont understand either, I remember when WNR was around $4.00 a year and a half ago, large short interest, that thing shot up to $18.00 in no time.

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