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  • bin1290 bin1290 Aug 7, 2013 6:41 PM Flag

    Yikers, that's an ugly 8-K


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    • How good are you at translating gooblediegook? Just what does this mean? Is this saying INVE is issuing $6 mil of shares to someone other than the public by August 31 diluting us all? Would that be to Hercules? And if that's the case, why talk about an ability to prepay outstanding advances? They going to prepay Hercules by issuing them more shares? Other than agreeing this is not a good news warm and fuzzy 8k, what's it REALLY saying?

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      • Two possible takes:

        Pessimistic take: Identive is having difficulty meeting the EBITDA targets required under the loan agreement (not sure they've said this outright -- but it's a reasonable assumption based on the fact that the amendment restated those targets). As a concession for the restating of those targets, Identive gave Hercules a warrant, which looks like it could end up with the issuance of upwards of 800k to 1m shares. Hercules may have also required the $6m additional equity raise as a concession. Presumably, to avoid this issue of missing their EBITDA targets going forward, Identive is looking to prepay the Hercules loan in total (presumably, they'll have to do this in increments since Identive has now negotiated for the ability to prepay the loan in part, which was formerly prohibited).

        Optimistic take: Identive has found a new equity investor (perhaps a strategic partner) that is looking to come in for $6m, the proceeds of which Identive will use, at least in part, to prepay the Hercules loan (and that's the reason for the amendment to permit the prepayment of the loan in part).

        The $6m (and the warrant to Hercules) will be dilutive in either case. The only way the ultimate issuance will be received as good news if the $6m comes in via a powerhouse strategic partner (vs. Lincoln Capital for example).

    • Perhaps some will expound on precisely why it is an ugly 8-k.

    • Very close to cutting my losses and giving up on this company. The only supposed "good" news they post is about insignificant meaningless events and it always seems to be maybe next quarter.

    • indeed

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