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  • workfromwork Dec 6, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    so, what;s with this price? why no news?

    we need news!

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    • We need news, Work, only if you're done buying. This has been a great opp to getmore shares on the cheap. Look at Boersch's purchses over the last 15 months........this August and last .....prices HE paid....and he's a "more than 10% owner"....anywau, he paid, 50 to 90% higher than we're buying at.
      Now you tell me who knows more about what's going on inside INVE and what the plans are for the future.

      I'm doing everything but mortgaging the kids....and somedays....well, that's another story.'s only a matter of time and patience

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Though I love your enthusiasm, you might want to temper your thoughts a bit based on a few things.. Don't forget that Boersch has been involved as a principal since the days of SCM Micro and Bluehill, when they accepted Identive shares to be acquired in a merger around 1/11. Though I didn't research more deeply, they accepted Identive share at around $2.5/share in a merger and have held on ever since for the most part... So as encouraging as it is that Boersch personally decided to add in August, he's also been a principal who has overseen his investment going from 2.50 to .57. I, too, am in to INVE due to the strong insider ownership and its potential within what should eventually be an industry capable of experiencing huge growth, but I ain't about to mortgage anything on this one... Right now, the catalyst to consider is what Jason Hart might be able to do, not insider buying from Boersch.... Here's hoping we're both right some day.... having said all this, I am much closer to buying more than selling any at this important time or transition for INVE.

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