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  • abellantoni2000 abellantoni2000 May 20, 2005 8:28 AM Flag

    Not happy with Hanes socks

    Not sure what changed with quality of Hanes white cotton socks. They use to last a long time. Lately they seem to wear out in about a month.

    As for SLE, CRAMER SAYS SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you blame him.

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    • I just love when Cramer says Sell, said the same about HPQ last week, stock is up 10 percent since his sell, hope the same applies here. Do you actually think he knows what he is talking about ????

    • And 2 weeks ago he said buy.

      I wonder about Booyah heads some of whom don't seem to be doing their own thinking. Cramer is good entertainment, and from what I've seen is right about 50% of the time before taxes and comissions).

      Funny no caller I've heard has mentioned that he cost them a lot of money (but about every night he is thanked for making someone a lot of money).

      His callers seem to be screened, not unlike most of Rush's dittoheads.

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      • Good point on Cramer---I was wondering the same thing. It seems like there is a screening method. There are something like 100,000 listed stocks (including pink sheet). We never hear about many small stocks. Agree also on his flip flop of SLE. It was a buy last week and all of a sudden he says on Monday that management has disappointed him and now its a sell (did management change in last week?). $21 for SLE with a 3.75% div seems like a good deal long term. Thanks

    • "Not sure what changed with quality of Hanes white cotton socks. They use to last a long time."

      With gasoline costing more than $2.00 (US) a gallon, maybe you're just walking more?