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  • arbitrage_player arbitrage_player Nov 10, 2005 1:25 AM Flag

    Pretty confident CRM will be down


    Stocks are usually sold off 5-6 days prior to an earnings call.

    $23 by close on earnings day, then lower and lower.

    POS might rally back to $25 the month after that though.

    First threat of MSFT's "Office Live" catching on like wildfire will tank CRM through the floor.

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    • no, i was serious. i do agree with him.

      and please don't call KELBOCORN back. that dude was weak.

    • you're not being sarcastic, are you?

    • sorry about the psuedo-lecture.

      i totally agree with you on all of your valuation concerns, this thing is most definitely priced for perfection. i honestly don't know about the validity of the 50% growth rate, but i don't believe its completely out of the question in the near term.

      my guess is that this is sitting at $26 solely on the inflated prospects of future earnings.

      thanks for the charts


    • the way, here is a link, take a look at the top two graphs (one is of OBV-On Balance Volume, the other of Accumulation-Distribution)
      In short, I don't mean to be annoying, but I don't quite understand how a stock can go up when no one is buying. Oh well....must be manipulation or something. I don't quite understand how this stock got to $26.....

    • Thanks friend, I appreciate your you don't think the technicals are that bad, huh??? Ok, screw the technicals, how about that wonderful P/E (P/E = 200), or the forward P/E of 80, or the fact that it's trading at 12 times sales and 17 times book....don't you think it's overvalued by just a tad??? How about the 50% yoy growth you think that's a reliable number???

      Yours truly

    • >"That's what used to piss me off with your ex-buddy d-day."<

      DivDaddy... Oh yeah! Where's that dude gone? Could've had some fun before the "I told you so" speech after the earnings call ;)

      >"Perhaps we're not as light as you think. Also, I would appreciate it if you stop calling CRM a POS..."<

      Uhhh... Point-of-Sale? ;) Okay. How about... Hmmm... Piece-of-Sh*t then? =]

      >"Or by judging a statement as �retarded.� How do you know I�m not?"<

      You're right. I can't say for certain if you're not ;)

      He he he...

      Just some B-day fun. So no offense ;)

      Oh man... This is a blast. Have some strippers. Drinking lots of bear. Smoking a lotta ganja...


    • "...institutions/insiders are NOT heavily long this stock. This I almost know for sure. JMHO"

      what the hell does "I almost know for sure" mean"? and why would you be "very" bearish and buying puts on a company you admittedly know "very little" about.

      and since you are such a master of technical analysis, what are you comparing the volume to? it looks to me like volume in general is on average as high as ever during the latest run from 15-26. and this stock chart shows technicals that are far less than "horrific."

      if you want people to listen to you, you should lay off the half-hearted and asinine statements.

    • Well said, actually funny.

      Look, I can't hate you. We're all brothers in the end. It's just that I wish you would stop judging what others think, before understanding their position. For example, because I'm bullish on CRM you assume I, and others, never short it and then you go about berating us like we're a bunch of neophytes. That's what used to piss me off with your ex-buddy d-day. Perhaps we're not as light as you think. Also, I would appreciate it if you stop calling CRM a POS... it's not and, besides, we shouldn't demise our postions/selves with foul language. Or by judging a statement as �retarded.� How do you know I�m not?

    • Remember, his mentor is Larry Ellison, the master of pissing people off. At 17b it seems to have worked to his advantage. I predict like results for my good friend Marc Benioff.

    • Arby, you must not be reading/retaining my postings. I do buy puts and calls, as I just explained earlier today. (Ok, it's your b-day and maybe you're a bit distracted.)

      Just because I like/love a company doesn't mean I'm not here to make money, and all reasoning goes out the window. If CRM doesn't kill it in Q3 it will pull back 2-3 or more bucks, like in August. I'm prepared for that, but I do believe they�ll do well and the stock will be back to $27 or better by yearend. Like you, making $$$ is my principal objective. It's just that my bias is to the upside and yours is in the other direction. But I do love options as a instrument for significant gains� no doubt about it.

      PS. You also predicted CRM won�t hit $27 next year� see msg 3522.. we�ve already been there this year.

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