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  • gapdownsouthretires417 gapdownsouthretires417 Aug 20, 2010 6:47 PM Flag

    creamer talking bout peg huh??????

    yeppers he liked insp at 259

    and so many others

    I REMEMEBER he even pumped webvan and so many others



    aol could do no wrong in his opinion.

    he's a momo pumper THATS in bed with goldies HEDGE PUMPS.

    after all this is goldies STOCK and they do what they will with it.

    me thinks 84 THEN A RUN TO 127 ISH TO END IT ALL.

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    • So when you thinking 84? I'm thinkin 103 starting Mon min. short 109.18

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      • FOR NOW we'll go with your 103 and see what the impulse looks like.

        i'm not gonna be able to time the 84 yet till we get the turn and can measure the rate of speed.

        we know that it started this q at 83 so thats the likely 4 back landing strip WHEN THE DROP STARTS.

        i can meaure from there to about 127 MAYBE so lets see what next 2 weeks does to this price AND we'll be able to guage much better by then.

        TODAYS MONSTER VOLUME very close to what the volume was at the start of the leg up LOOKS LIKE liquidation BY THE book holder. he took it up 3 strikes for opex and normally 2 strikes generally get given back before the next opex and thats about 91 ish.

79.82+2.00(+2.57%)11:41 AMEDT