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  • evansken99 evansken99 Dec 2, 2011 12:58 PM Flag

    deja vu

    To everfoxy: Imight be be wrong but I think this CEO will spin the next two quarters like he spun the last one. Cramer will have him on again and throw him some more softballs. More "adjusted earnings" and "one time charges" and the dreamers will drink the snake oil. Everyone may wake up sooner - you may be right; but they didn't really wake up after the last quarter. It's a $25 stock wearing a happy face mask, but the Jan puts are pricey.

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    • The differences now are:

      IBD support is gone.
      The GAAP tiny gain has turned into a loss
      The growth expected by this price has been shown on this message board as well as elsewhere to be both unsustainable and way, way overstated. The most optimistic growth was priced in at 110 and those growth estimates will continue to go lower.
      Large institutional holders will be selling blocks (as some already have) as they view a worse scenario in the future and the likelihood they'd have to sell most of their shares under 100.
      The "equity awards" program, aka way to pay employees, will continue to put downward pressure on the stock, as will a secondary issue of stock or the knowledge by big holders that a secondary issue is imminent and necessary, regardless of whether the CEO admits it publicly.

      Others have listed many other issues with CRM.

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