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  • everfoxy everfoxy Feb 6, 2012 8:29 AM Flag

    AMZN calls were wrong and so are CRM calls

    An hour or so before AMZN's earnings report, "analysts" appeared on t.v. and gave reasons he thought it would be a wonderful report. He was wrong. Investors and traders that followed his advice and who had listened to analysts (2 come to my mind immediately) ultra bullish on AMZN when it was over 200 were stuck heavily long AMZN. After the report, which brought the stock down quite a bit, the same analysts continued to be referred to positively in the financial press. Now I wonder if it is financially beneficial for those who praise CRM to do so. Whether it was pumping required by various interests or whether it was just mistakes on the parts of the so-called star advisors, the AMZN calls were wrong. IMHO BMO and other pumpers could be very wrong.
    This could extend throughout the entire cloud segment and any ETF's in which CRM is in.

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    • ...throughout the entire cloud segment..." Let's see: RAX, AKAM, and VMW are some recent examples. CRM's time will come soon.

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    • I noticed my post wasn't being accepted for a couple of minutes, so I removed the names of analysts and the messages posted!

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      • I see that an old post of mine came up. I don't know what someone else is blathering about it because that poster is on ignore so I don't see that poster's comments.

        Over the past six months I have traded in and out of different stocks. I have taken various trading gains and losses on CRM with a net loss on the stock, though ahead now on half of my shorted stock position, offset by put trading gains I've taken. I have been in and out of AMZN for some short terms trades over that period, including grabbing a very small gain in a put position from around 221 to 217 and a short stock position from 334 to 330. I admit I've missed the latest move up in AMZN, but I also notice it's back around the highs of last year. I don't have a position in AMZN, I congratulate those who made money recently on a long position in AMZN, though I'm still puzzled why selling so many Kindles is so bullish since profit margins there are thin (if positive at all). I'm short CRM stock after covering a very small part of my short stock position. I'm out of CRM puts as of earlier this afternoon because those puts were full of time premium and far enough in the future. I hope to get them again next week.

        Despite volume in CRM today, there will be heavier selling of CRM in the future, IMHO.

        I'll add that one of the traits I'm proud of is that I don't search the Yahoo message archives to dig out six month old posts from others. Also, there's a statement about past performance not being an indicator of future performance and none of us knows whether what we are doing today or next week will have worked out and at what points during the next six months.

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