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  • jkanalysis jkanalysis Jul 13, 2012 10:12 PM Flag

    $40.00 Before $140.00


    .... and I don't mean $49.99, I mean this stock will see $40.00 before it ever sees $140.00. Why, because Crm will NEVER see $140.00 again. Did I just use the word "Never" ? Yeah, I did. Just like I stated when Crm was at $147.70 and had just been upgraded in the after hours that "it would NEVER trade above $150.00 again" ( and it hasn't , and it won't ). Now I'm telling you - Crm won't ever trade above $140.00 again - EVER. Those of you holding out for $142, and $143, and the gap fill at $145.69 - relook at the charts again this weekend, and rethink your thesis. It will not happen - ever. So therefore, if you look at the chart and see what I see - short at will. Maximum upside - a few percentage points, if even that. Minimum ( that's minimum ) downside - 70%. And for you "gamblers", when I state I believe Crm will be at $40.00 before $140.00, of course I mean it will be at $40.00 by noon on Tuesday, so put 100% of your money in weekly Crm $50.00 puts.

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