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  • klsincklsinc klsincklsinc Aug 6, 2012 6:18 PM Flag

    um 138 to 142 tomorrow..word on the street..who fears me here

    long and strong to 175..most obvious play on the market...crm will ripp to 175 without a pause..then i sell my shares and go shorts 180ishy..and thats how u play the many ged brains here shorting at super low low level and will get wiped out..then here comes my short..and i clean up..word on the street

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    • wow are brilliant!!

    • klsink

      Listen man, you go short at 180, and I hope all your cousins do to.

      Most of you longs and shorts don't understand, All of Wall Street knows CRM should maybe be less valuable or so then VMW by 3-5 billion but VMW being more valuable then CRM by 20 billion, well that just is not reality, not with Personal cloud being the next hottest spot in Cloud computing and CRM being all over that area for years now and ready to do the launch of all launches. And earnings are starting to come together for CRM.

      Look out shorts and Longs that have not yet gotten long enough. The Freight train is starting to move and leave the station and what more do you want, premarket and after hours active daily, premarket gap ups 7 to 10 points, stock gets stronger all day, no drop off or weakness.

      Load, get on margin, at least till 4 or 5 days after earnings, just watch it everyday the day after earnings for a week.

    • When CRM was making a lower high around 150 you were sure CRM was going up. IMHO someone who added to a long position at 150 and then added more at 140 and perhaps more today at 132 or 133 wouldn't be happy. Of course, someone who tries to talk a stock up, but doesn't own any might have been happy to buy and sell today, since the rally may not continue tomorrow. 1400 on the SPX is a resistance point at the top of the range some institutional traders respect. I admit that the shorts celebrate when CRM is down, but some longs celebrate when CRM is up and in the past that's been the place to for longs to sell.

      Someone posted about CRM having a tendency to go up ahead of earnings. Checking historical prices an charts, that doesn't appear to be the pattern with CRM. Today's euphoria from longs suggests that a trading top is in (and may never be exceeded again in CRM). The market used to top out on Monday afternoons, allowing the 4 p.m. closing prices on Monday marked the top of a week. For the prior few weeks, the highs of the weeks were on Friday afternoons. Today's close could be the high of this week and even next week and the SPX may pull back quite a bit from 1400. Even the SPY dropped under 1400 at the close of regular hours. Fund managers eager to exit longs may have started to sell at the end of regular hours today and could continue tomorrow.

      Celebrate while you feel like it because this could be the peak of the week for longs. It could even be the peak for August.

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      • One reason the QQQ's were up today is that AAPL went up. AAPL is near the top of its recent trading range. Meanwhile, AMZN started to pull back late in the day. If either of those stocks stall tomorrow, other tech stocks could pull back. Today, the SPX 1400 beckoned as did the talk about a breakout, which never came. Will SPX 1400 be a ceiling tomorrow? We have seen CRM go up fast and down little by little. Tomorrow, a multi-day downward move in CRM could commence and may have commenced from the point CRM touched around 134 today and couldn't hold it at the end of the day.

      • P.S. You seem to know so much about people with Ph.D.'s and GED's (and possibly the middle where people have B.A.'s, B.S's, M.A.'s, MS's, MBA's, etc.). Please share where your Ph.D. or other degrees are from and in what fields. I wouldn't pry, but you have expressed an interest in other people's degrees.

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