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  • everfoxy everfoxy Nov 16, 2012 6:20 PM Flag


    I covered a small part of my shares on the early morning dip below 141. Near the end of the day I re-shorted a smaller amount than I'd covered. I also started a put position. After hours I decided to exit the really small odd lot I'd re-shorted late in the day. When I posted buy to cover that odd lot of only 50 shares, in between the bid and ask and where an ask had appeared briefly, immediately there was a bid one penney higher. I removed my order and the bid a penny higher disappeared also. A few minutes ago, I put in a bid for that small 50 share odd lot for 144, even though it's better to wait until Monday. I just wanted to even out the position. My bid didn't even show up. Thus, a seller would be selling for 143. 59 (or was it 143.56?) couldn't sell at 144 even though I was willing to buy to cover that small amount at 144. Since I shorted some shares much higher, I'd still have a profit covering at the ask, but I'd prefer to wait until next week and may even keep that extra 50 shares with the rest of my position.

    However, this incident, along with many others, suggest that trade here hasn't been market driven.

    Also, that Motley Fool video on the summary page is interesting.

    Next week it will be time for CRM to follow the correction paths that AAPL and AMZN have taken.

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    • You've been talking about the correction for the last many years ... meantime the share price keeps on rising ... next week will be no different, expecting a rise to $155 - $160. Cover your short or suffer the pain. You are a joke !

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      • Good luck lulunoclue.

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      • What makes this stock a buy but manipulation by the firms that cover the company? The company does not make a dime.I do.not care how much revenue they have. Stock is boxed.

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      • Really, where was the stock price 24 months ago, where was it 12 months ago, where is it now?

        This stock has done nothing. The losses have Gorton a lot bigger, the number of outstanding shares have gotten bigger.

        They have reduced expectations this quarter several times now expectations are to loss 10 cents.

        This stock is up because its 100% controlled by mutual funds. The mutual funds are sucking wind with this stock, they claim its up 50% but not really last year at the end of the year it dropped from 160 to 94. Made this year look great, but we still have done nothing. Except of course insiders have gotten rich selling their stock. We have millions of new shares over the 24 month period. And earnings have gotten far worse. Of course for the last 3 years they have claimed forward PE, never happened, but its a made up number, just like non-gaap.

        Don't short this stock. The only way the financial experts make money is taking your option premiums. The stock is so bad they are making a killing.

        But now volume is drying up, no one wants the stock. It can be pushed up with no volume by mutual funds. But in the long run, there is no one to buy the shares from the mutual funds. It the stock will never go higher, because its current valued at a price it can't hit ever or in next 20 years. If every thing goes perfect.

        Who will all the mutual funds sell to? They better sell fast, is giving away more shares than several of the small mutual funds own.

        All this for a web app.

        Sales force is trying in get in a new business. They spent 750million to get into a Facebook app company... it generates 20 million in revenue and loses 40 million. Wow, there was a good buy. 750million. This purchase will never have a ROI. Never. They just gave so luck soles a large amount of free cash.

        Do not sell this stock short. They will take your money.

        But the stock can't go higher, because the numbers keep getting worse, and there are no buyers other than the fools who currently own the stock.

        So it you state the person has been saying there will be a correction for many years, and she has been wrong, you also know the stock has done nothing over that same time. You also wish it would go up, but it won't. It just keeps getting worse.

        When this stock fails it will be really ugly, but gain don't short this stock. You cannot look at the companies numbers an say its overvalued, this stock valuation has nothing to do with their numbers. Nothing. It's just a price they have on a pieces of paper, and they own all the pieces, so they can put the price where they want. But they can only make money if they can convince a fool to buy the paper, or short the paper. This is not investing. Game in trading. Should be illegal.

        Good luck if you buy or short this stock.

        They will lose money this quarter, next quarter grow will be much less (change in invoicing period will be over).

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