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  • deanjones8989 deanjones8989 Feb 8, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

    200 shares pre market. Total

    How will institutions find buyers? They are stuck with this stock.

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    • RE: "How will institutions find buyers?"
      They can't, which is why the stock will split 3:1, so the institutions can kep pumping it but it will cost them 1/3 the smount of money to keep it floating indefinately. Also makes the longer term chart pattern level out and not look so parabolic and erratic. Good strategy to keep the PONZI scheme alive...for now.
      I still think sooner or later IRS comes after CRM for all the "One time" stock options expenses they do EVERY SINGLE QUARTER to avoid paying salaries and payroll taxes on employees (since they grant stock options instead, which employees must then pay personal income tax on gains).

      I don't think even the GAAP eps #s are real, I suspect they are much worse already.
      Notice another aquisition just hit the books, so we will see inflated revenue projections and more "Goodwill" and tax write offs. Anything to keep the illusion of growth in CRM.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • who cares, you can trade in and out of this stock all day and make a killing.

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