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  • deanjones8989 deanjones8989 Feb 12, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

    Who are these Fools

    They post nothing. They dig up old post. They insult people. They add no value.

    Do they just not want people talking about salesforce?

    Salesforce is losing money.
    They have lost money for the last 6 quarters.
    They losing at a faster rate.
    They don't plan to make money for a long time.
    Accounting games are starting to raise questions.
    The only people that make money are the executives and insiders.
    Insiders have sold ever share they receive. There has been no purchases in the last 18 months.

    This stock is controlled by institutions. Do not Sell Short. Do not Buy. See how their game works if no one plays.

    They price is made up. It will come to reality as soon as no one plays the momo game. Given the fact volume is gone, and discussion group as dried up. I would say the game is close to being over.

    Trust me don't have any position in salesforce. It's easy to look at the roulette table and say I would be rich of I only play all my money on 17 black, after it hits. You have no idea where CRM stock price is going. As an investment 2 to 2.5 times Revenue. $50 stock And that is if you believe they can grow and make money. Right now they have no plans to make money. If they make money, they stop growing. Not a business I want to own. Momo's could push it to $180 to $200. They control the price, so until SEC jumps on their reporting practice this stock can be any price between $50 and $200.

    Trade away.

    Investors stay away.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • You're really need to detach yourself from this stock. If you're not long or short why do you're care about what this stock does? Why are you wasting your time posting here every day if you have no position in this company?

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      • the non-gaap reporting is sickening and this makes bad influence to other companies .. this matters regardless of whether you have or have no position in the stock..

        even i dont have any position on it.. i would be very delighted to see this particular one crashes...(just like how i was glad to see all those trashes like gmcr, hlf, etc crashed, even i have no positions on them)

      • Because there will be a opportunity to sell this stock short. 100% sure of that. Just not sure when that is. But the value of this stock should be $40 to $50. And that is only if they can stop losing money. Start growing revenue AND profits.

        I try not to insult people, I wish them the best and I don't post stupide comments like, CRM is going to $300 bahaha..

        Good luck with CRM. I hope you make tons of money.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Besides no SEC action yet (though it could come at any time), I've wondered how Yahoo could let such obscenities and harassment remain on such sites. Is there any oversight? Do Yahoo officers want their name to be connected with such behavior? Diverse opinions is one thing, but does anyone think there's more than diverse opinions on some sites?

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