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    • Are you kidding? I re-entered a short position in small bits, just 50 shares at a time. My position isn't as large (yet) as the position I covered on Tuesday and reported before and the rest that I covered before the report. I had shorted in the 170's after the stock rebounded from the low 120's into the 170's. The few puts I "put on" today don't expire for awhile and are at a higher strike price than puts I closed out (that still had plenty of time premium in them). It's funny that you don't post specifics of a position? Should we guess the reason?

      BTW, over the weekend there won't be a headline about getting to the 2007 high. Will that push market averages down or not? People who didn't want to short over the weekend will pile in after the weekend.
      If the 180 calls that are exercised at the end of this week led to people who weren't long being long at 180, will they want to hold the stock or will they add to selling Monday morning?

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      • Hey Foxy! These idiots have no clue, I don't even respond to most anymore we got so over run with morons here the past year, my ignore list grew exponentially. I kinda took a break from CRM for a while after the $120 rebound, better opportunities elsewhere, like AAPL. I also still hold 30% of my original core short position from $160 basis, covered half at $100, added some back at $160 again, covered $120-$130, then, moved to AAPL short in Sept. After CRM finally broke $160 I returned and redid my analysis, now target $185 as the max top forever, so shorting began again today above $180. Hope you are doing well.

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