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  • znynick80 znynick80 Mar 14, 2013 9:07 AM Flag

    just got the daily pump from Cramer

    bullish. Should close 183 or higher

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    • my fav cramer comment of all time about crm was while discussing the 1 4 split, he mentioned he wanted "different kinds of holders." Insert "bag" here. I can't make this stuff up. Doesn't matter as long as Bernanke keeps printing money and fidelity growth amd contra have no way out of the stock.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • He didn't comment about the price of CRM and he didn't say to buy it or hold it. As a trained lawyer he's careful about his words. Thus, when he loved RIMM at 120 and DECK at 105, he could evade blame. I forget the exact "word" with the capital letters of his "favs" and at the moment can't recall his revised "words" for his favorite group either, most stocks didn't do well. SKX at 40 was one of those stocks. I recall his fervor for ELOS at 40+ when he saw it as going up considerably. I checked it out recently and it remains around 10, where it went a few years ago. He also said to buy SIGM on a dip from its all time high. Remember DMND and so many more, including AEM which vastly underperformed other drillers?

      Cramer's comments aren't significant, IMHO, other than slightly holding back a signficant drop for a short while. If the significant drop in CRM doesn't occur today, it will occur soon and there won't be advance comments from Cramer. For example, he didn't comment less than bullish on AMZN yesterday, but he did after it dropped on a JPM downgrade this morning. He isn't really bearish on AMZN yet. He follows and doesn't lead.

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      • I agree but I had him say earlier that he thought AMZN was lofty. He is a #$%$, no doubt about it, just look at the video that Jon Stewart played of Cramer when he was telling another guy essentially how to manipulate stocks by putting fake rumors out there etc.

        That was part of his edge when he helped run a hedge fund, i.e. being a #$%$ pushing the limit of the laws or lack there of.

        Another example of his nonsense is him prompting AAPL to buy NFLX, another bloated pig. Guaranteed he is supporting NFLX for some of his buddies.

      • he didn't comment about the price but he did mention his buddy Mark Benioff again. He continues to imply at the very least that he is still very bullish on CRM. He has mention how great of a company they are the last few days. He also did say to buy it on Tuesday. And it looks like we are getting a much needed pop. If this breaks below 178 this baby could be in some trouble.

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