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  • everfoxy everfoxy Mar 27, 2013 4:33 PM Flag

    "Don't hold your breath" as the saying goes

    What a clever spread! Those who want to cover or buy, do so above 175. Those who want to sell or short, do so under 174. It doesn't affect me because I'm holding what I want for now. Regarding the rise in the put premium, many reasons/excuses could be used and I doubt the SEC will look into it. If suspicious movements occur ahead of an acquisition or another event that could lead to big moves and would be known in advance by insiders, then the SEC might investigate, but I wouldn't expect investigation of the move described.

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    • At first I was sorry I'd closed out my small put position earlier today, but don't rue the puts you missed near the end of regular hours. I'm guessing there will be moves back to 175+ during at least part of tomorrow and maybe put prices Monday will even have better buy points for puts. I'm short the stock.

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      • I closed my short for a nice gain this morning but could re-enter at any time. By the way, I've only recently started posting again, how do you put people who add nothing to this board like Joethomas104 on ignore? Long or short, fine, but state your case if you are long and I've not seen even one articluate post as to why this stock is compelling at these nosebleed levels - oh yeah cause Cramer said "back up the truck". It's time to take the Cramerites money.

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