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  • skibumdreamer skibumdreamer Mar 28, 2013 7:17 PM Flag

    A question for shorts, shares245

    Hey shares245 and other logical shorts, do you think it is better to wait until post split to go deep here on the short side? More blind momo small investors (e.g. joethomas104) will come in, perhaps setting up an even better short and volatility should increase? And, there are lots of people who think a split is bullish and some funds that also blindly invest in splits. Or is it just too risky to wait as the wheels could come off this bus very soon?

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    • May god bless you for taking advice from shares245 who can't buy a buck in this market. Do the opposite of shares245 and you will make a ton of money. In fact she is a honary member of CRM's Loser Club. Other members are: everfoxy, checking_here, listenjock, jkANALysis, robyn.

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      • Hey powerrtrader - let's not bring God into this :). I'm no power trader and of course any of us can be wrong at any time. Look at my posts, I have been consistent, by ANY measure this stock is over-valued and the fall from here could either be slow or extreme. Even the Motley Fools now agree with the shorts, do your homework and come back to this board with a cohesive reason to buy, I've see none.

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    • This is probably a good entry point for additional shorting since we might have seen a little bit of window dressing today. I'm using this short as an overall hedge against a mostly long indexed approach. You have to always keep in mind that it only takes one unpredictable event for high flyers to come crashing down. Before that event you will often see gain after gain and a seemingly rosy future. All it takes is one bad earnings report, one cloud outage, one accounting mistake, or one hit by a competitor for the picture to change overnight. Anyone wishing to gain some more perspective into this type of market psychology should pick up a copy of Malcolm Gladwell's book "What the Dog Saw" to read about a specific case about how hedge funds can be on the opposite side of a trade and one can be so right until they are so wrong.

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      • All -ve events being ignored for now. I am not adding to waste my money just for making pennies!!
        This is sticking money in the mud.
        The time will come, when no one will buy CLOUD like ITWO, Commerce One or Ariba. This is coming soon..Look at FSLR, STP, TSL, JASO..
        This MUTHA FUKKA is heading there..when Marc has sold all..investigations will start as usual..will fall ton in days.

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    • shorting is an art to understand scams or plays or manipulation. I am short on off n on. So for for 2-3 yrs always made money on this. BTW, all hyped are tried to pump on last 2 days. Never buy calls or puts in that sense.
      I short based on few judgments..keep in mind short is for short time unless..u see buyers drying up. NFLX short 285-300, BIDU 165 AH. FFIV same..shorting is art, and brain game as u have to pick the top..which can be infinity.

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      • "shorting is art, and brain game as u have to pick the top..which can be infinity".

        Yeah you are right but you picked the top on CRM in the $90s, LNKD @ $85ish, LULU @ $45 (pre-split) ... You keep giving examples of FSLR and other solar companies, do you know why the entire sector got hammered????? Comparing solar industry to software industry now? You can't be that stupid, are you??? You have not made a dime shorting anything. All the stocks you shorted are up over 500% so not sure how you made money, maybe imaginary trades.

    • CRM has a tendency to hit its highs of the week on Friday, especially after hours when a scared short would need to pay up to cover. It would be better to wait until the following week, but there's often pr (such as Cramer's tech stock kudos, even though he's been sticking to neutral, really sell?) late Friday afternoons. Generally, people don't want to short late on Friday afternoons and don't even though it's often the best time of the week to short. Regardless of market indices, CRM's price is likely to drop next week.

      People who are looking for stocks to buy will see posted articles and comments such as CRM's cash flow being tied to stock options given to insiders. This isn't new, but the Thursday article was clear and enough to send potential buyers reading about CRM turning to another stock.

      In the process of filling the gap down to where the stock was before the last non-earnings report, CRM filled the gap up to where the first trades occurred after the report. Now that gap has been filled to the upside and CRM can drop without coming up to the 178+ level again. The split won't change the valuation, which is excessive. Also, CRM made a lower high today from where it went after the last report.

      After the first quarter of 2013, hedge fund managers are more likely to pile into extended stocks. Repetitious comments on t.v. about an up first quarter means the year will be up, don't divulge that +over 10% in quarter one means you will be up on the year even if the S & P drops 9% or less during the year. The S&P could be higher at the end of 2013 than it is now, but it would also be an up year if the S&P ends the year down any amount up to almost 10% for the rest of the year. Of course market averages are likely to have an up year in 2013. If it's not an up year, it would mean dropping over 10% from here. Hedge fund managers know this, though talking heads on t.v. are eager cheerleaders who don't deal with such details.

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