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  • tmyers28 tmyers28 May 20, 2013 3:40 PM Flag

    so many smart people on this board

    and yet they continue to fight this stock. You shorts are far too emotional when it comes to trading this stock. As long as the FED prints 85 billion a month this stock will continue to melt up. Expect more new highs tomorrow since it's a Tuesday and every Tuesday is a big update. Stop using common sense and trade like it's 1996

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    • That's where you are wrong. The longs are the emotional ones. When it is a red day the longs are quiet, on a green day you shout from the highest mountain top..."buy the dip", rah rah rah "Tuesdays are up days", rah rah rah and call the shorts every name in the book ect. Those are emotions. From what I have read, The shorts are here based upon their analysis of the fundamentals, the technicals ect. whether they are right or they are wrong. Do you see the difference? Cramer said the split was to get "better investors". Why do you need "better investors"? The stock has gone up pretty nicely without the "better investors" Why not keep the same investors (institutions) doing the same thing for the next ten years if what has worked in the past will still work going forward. WHY, because the institutions know better, they need someone else to take the stock off of their hands. What better way than to make the shares affordable enough for the unsuspecting retail to buy from them. If you think about it logically and not waste time calling the shorts names, you will get out before the implosion.

    • smart people ? Except You

      It will be proven in 3 more days

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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