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  • jyprophet jyprophet Sep 9, 2005 9:19 PM Flag

    Help the new guy, thanks.

    Hi all, i'm new to this board and looking to purchase but have a few questions.

    1. Why should I buy before winter? What does SPN and heating oil, or cold weather have to do with the stock price?

    2. It sounds like some of there employees are displaced, and homeless from Katrina. Will this effect there ability to work?

    3. It sounds like there business is rentals for oil rigs, and drilling primarily, does anyone know if they have obtained any new contracts yet due to Katrina, or do they neen help themselves?

    Thanks any advice would be helpful.

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    • 1. Increased demand in a short market may drive prices up.
      2. As long as they are paid these people will work anywhere in the world hurricane or not. It is a dangerous job anyway and not a high paying one. Some will drink up a large portion of their pay. Some won't.
      3. Drilling is only a portion of oil production.

      Should you buy. I made a small purchase, however insiders appear to be selling.

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