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  • coldwintergas coldwintergas Oct 10, 2007 4:31 PM Flag

    this pups going down - stuggling @ 200 day ma

    it is- look at OIH which went up big and then look at SPN which is in RED

    now tell me that SPN is not struggling

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    • every single one of your shorts is down. so why and the hell are you making so much noise, beating your drum? i sure that it's the longs that are nervous? and the 200-day held again, and we closed with a green candlestick, confirming a trend reversal. admittedly, there has been substantial selling pressure, but it looks like the bottom is set with a whole lot of support now at $35.30. that's your upside. your downside is back to $38 in a flash.

    • Keep wishing. What happened to the big deal about the 200 DMA? Now that it is closing above that magic number, you haven't got that argument any longer. You have abandoned your technical argument in favor of one that says 'all the other oil services moved today and SPN didn't so short it'.

      If oil services keeps running (as I expect they will) then SPN will just be a laggard. Ever hear, "A rising tide lifts all boats"?

      But by all means short more and this time put up some serious money.

      You keep talking about 'crash and burn' but each day brings us closer to the earnings announcement that will bury you.

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